Adopt an integrated category strategy

cc @sijieg @futeng

After an investigation among posts around our forum, I notice that those post are almost user feedback while users do not take too much patience to understand the category strategy.

You can think that we can sort out problems into clients, connectors, or tools. But in most cases, users don’t know what his/her use case actually related. And thus he/she randomly pick a category and throw the problem, while too many categorizes fragmented attentions spent on our forum.

Basically, what users can ensure is what software they use or which situation they use the software for. According to current category strategy I propose that we host only three categorizes + this meta category and that should be enough.

  1. Apache Pulsar®
  2. Stream Native Cloud
  3. Functions Mesh

If we notice some topics are heat and deserve their own categorizes, we can always later spawn a new category for its users. But in a bootstrap stage as now, shortcoming that caused by discussion fragmented is far more from the good brought by fine-grained categorization.

Another problem is Chinese or English content, I don’t know whether this forum is a Chinese forum or an English forum while supporting report in Chinese.

For “users do not take too much patience to understand the category strategy”, said I have a random issue with Pulsar (I’m not an expert or even developer, I don’t know what component it’s related, but just things doesn’t work), shall I report it on “Apache Pulsar”, “Community”, “Pulsar In Your Native Tongue”, or guess a domain specific category?

For English & Chinese issue, actually their audience are orthogonal, while those who can answer the question may be overlapped. I’d suggest we host different site for different purpose, instead of throwing all contents to all users. As the site admin you may be interested in all of them, but most Chinese users don’t read English content and non-Chinese users almost always don’t read Chinese content.

After discussing with site admin @sijieg, we agree on the category simplification topic. That said, we perform the following categories transformation:

  • Apache Pulsar: from Apache Pulsar®, Clients, Tools, and Operations
  • Functions Mesh: from Pulsar Functions
  • StreamNative Cloud: as is
  • StreamNative Hub: from Pulsar IO, Protocol Handlers, and Ecosystem
  • Ask In Your Native Tongue: from Pulsar In Your Native Tongue
  • Meta StreamNative: from Site Feedback

Considering about the language issue, we agree on a united community is better than fragmented ones. Thus, we keep the “Ask In Your Native Tongue” for native speakers, while recommend all users to communicate in English so that you can get feedback all over the world.

Changes has been done. Have your nice time!

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For the category “Ask In Your Native Tongue”, can we update the URL subdirectory to zh? 100% posts are in Chinese., the new URL can be shorter to type to visit.

If some need on other languages, we can create new categories, like jp or other languages.

@DianjinWang I tried to find some short words and it’s now:


Hope this work for you.

Great, that makes sense.

Thank you @tison @DianjinWang . The short domain name looks much cleaner.