# Enable the deletion of inactive topics. This parameter need to cooperate with the allowAutoTopicCreation parameter.
# If brokerDeleteInactiveTopicsEnabled is set to true, we should ensure that allowAutoTopicCreation is also set to true.

# How often to check for inactive topics

# Set the inactive topic delete mode. Default is delete_when_no_subscriptions
# 'delete_when_no_subscriptions' mode only delete the topic which has no subscriptions and no active producers
# 'delete_when_subscriptions_caught_up' mode only delete the topic that all subscriptions has no backlogs(caught up)
# and no active producers/consumers

# Metadata of inactive partitioned topic will not be cleaned up automatically by default.
# Note: If `allowAutoTopicCreation` and this option are enabled at the same time,
# it may appear that a partitioned topic has just been deleted but is automatically created as a non-partitioned topic.

# Max duration of topic inactivity in seconds, default is not present
# If not present, 'brokerDeleteInactiveTopicsFrequencySeconds' will be used
# Topics that are inactive for longer than this value will be deleted

可以创建pulsar-admin 对象来删除Topic,参考Manage topics | Apache Pulsar